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How to increase web traffic to your website?

The best ways to bring traffic to a website is a blog, Which should be very promopt and use the keywords which are used in the website as well. Either it is corporate website, directory, or online shopping portal. One has to add content to their blog regularly, amd make more pages for their blog, so it would attract visitors and wait till it is indexed.

Good quality content / articles will also generate more web traffic to your website, to make popular your brand, and increase loyalty from readers, existing customers, and potential customers.

We at ShailCreations have been workining online since 1998, however it was not until 2009 that We started writing blogging. Rather after starting our company, we started writing blogs for our clients. As we have a staff for content writing. Now our staff is very professional and have good amount of experience to generate web traffic to the website.

In this article, We would share some tips on how you can write a blog and increase the web traffic to your website.

Blog Design Professionally
Your blog should be very prompt and clear what you are into and what you are projecting to the readers. This will reflect to your brand and increase web traffic which leads to the sale.

Besides that, the design layout should be relavent and now it should be mobile friendly, so google crawllers can read it and save it to the google database.

When you are writing any blog for your website, keep remember that the repetation of keywords should not be more than 2 to 3% in 500 words of paragraph. Otherwise as per the google norms it will be spam.

Website should be SEO Friendly
Only design layout does not matter rather, it needs to be easily interpreted by the search engines so that it can crawl and index your content. In this regard, the HTML5 & WordPress platform is an SEO friendly solution that has built in SEO features.

It is important that the structure of your website should be correctly to help your content. In your website use header tags correctly in templates, no errors with HTML or CSS, and the navigation should not have any problem like broken link in the website.

Choose Your Topics Wisely
The topics you cover on your blog will influence the kind of people who read your articles. If you publish many basic tutorials on a subject, you will attract a lot of beginners. Likewise, if you publish advanced tutorials, you are more likely to attract people with more experience on the subject.

It is therefore vital that you research what topics to cover on your blog and devise a long-term content strategy. This will generate targeted traffic from people that are more likely tosubscribe to your blog and purchase your products and services.

One way to increase traffic to your blog is to cover topics that are currently popular. Services such as Google Trends make it easy to follow trending topics and let you see what is hot and what is not.

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