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ERP software for midsize business

Oracle Application Practice provides the industry expertise and technical excellence to ensure the success of your Oracle Applications Implementation/Support projects. We provide consulting services for Oracle Applications. We specialize in the modules like Order Management, Procure to pay, Financials, CRM, Supply Chain, Pricing, Inventory, Manufacturing, Work in Process, HR and Payroll. We have sound knowledge of both functional and technical, which helps them to implement Oracle Applications Projects.

Technology Solutions :

  • Oracle Forms
  • Oracle Reports
  • Designer 2000
  • Oracle Alerts


  • Oracle Applications Implementation
  • Application upgrades
  • Customized training and knowledge transfer
  • Post-implementation support
  • Database management
  • Key Benefits
Impact ERP helps manufacturers or traders from small businesses to mid-size enterprises see more clearly. Integration of data across the enterprise ensures that you have greater visibility in all areas of your business, from daily operations to a strategic decision level. Insight into production, inventory and financial data makes it easy to identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvements. A high-level view of key business indicators facilitates faster and more accurate management decisions and an Impact interface puts all of this at your fingertips when and where you want it.


  • Eliminate costs and inefficiencies
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Enhance productivity, customer satisfaction, flexibility and control
  • Enable new business and growth strategies
  • Low cost ownership
  • Extend your business using the internet
  • Gain better control of processes
  • Expand your knowledge of key business data
  • Embrace superior technology

The Impact ERP Software address the following business needs :

Sales & Marketing Module :
Sales is the most important and essential function for the existence of an organization. Sales handle all the activities for domestic and export sales of an organization. The customer and product database is maintained. Capturing enquiries, order placement, order scheduling and then dispatching and invoicing form the broad steps of the sales cycle. Stock transfer between warehouses is also covered.

Features & Highlights :

  • Handles pre-sales and sales activities of the organization
  • Quotations and amendments to quotations with complete history
  • Order entry for direct/scheduled with details for Dealers, incentive % and competition
  • Letter of credit details for association with sales orders
  • Order amendment history
  • Authorization of orders and invoices
  • Order scheduling over a period of time and tracking delivery schedule
  • Generation of production advice to plan for production based on sales orders
  • Order processing based on MRP
  • Preparation of dispatch advice
  • Invoice generation
  • Tracking sales returns
  • Rejection invoice for rejections made against purchases with excise consideration
  • MIS for analyzing sales trends to project and forecast sales
  • Stock Transfer between warehouses for multi-location companies

Purchase Module :
Purchase aims at making available the required materials of the right quality, in the right quantity, at the right time and at the right price, for the smooth functioning of the organization. All purchasing and subcontracting activities such as inviting quotations, supplier evaluation, placing purchase order, order scheduling and billing are covered in this module. Order tracking is made easy for the purchase department by the various reports and MIS.

Features & Highlights :

  • Detailed Supplier/Subcontractor/Service Provider database
  • Capturing materials requirement
  • Automatic firing of purchase requisitions based on MRP
  • Quotations from
  • Indents for multiple items in a single PO
  • Purchase order processing
  • Purchase order entry
  • PO authorization
  • PO amendments
  • Order cancellation and order Short closer
  • Multiple delivery schedules
  • Quality inspection of goods
  • Advance adjustments
  • Purchase bill with updating of GL and purchase book
  • Bill of Entry
  • Reports for Order tracking for complete control on the procurement cycle

Inventory & Stores Module :
Stock management and valuation activities, which form the backbone of any organization generally, take a lot of time and resources. Inventory & Store Module handles all the store activities of issues, dispatches, receipts and quality control. Online status of item quantity in terms of on-hand, on-hand, available, reserved, ordered, to order, rejected, defective and reworkable quantities.

  • Multiple levels of classification of items
  • Multiple units of measurement
  • Alternate items for Production Planning
  • Handling of non-stock low value items like stationery
  • Lot wise tracking of inventory at shop floor and main stores
  • Stock Valuation LIFO/FIFO/ weighted average
  • Material Requisition from different requirement areas
  • Purchasing and subcontracting
  • Receiving material against sales order processing, material requirement, subcontracting, gate pass and production requisition
  • Landed Rate of Items
  • Quality Control based on QC parameters
  • Handling Material Rejections
  • Rejected Material dispatch to subcontractors
  • Linking of GRN to PO and Invoice
  • Gate pass returnable/non returnable
  • Cenvat claim for capital goods
  • Analysis which help in maintaining optimum stock levels
  • Physical verification of stock
  • Reallocation of reworkable stock
  • Multiple warehouses/branches/regional offices
  • Stock transfer receipts from other warehouse
  • Consolidation of all warehouses

Production and Planning Module :
Production & Planning Module helps an organization plan production with the optimum utilization of all available resources. Material Requirement Planning is done based on the production advice generated by the sales department. Feasibility of production is evaluated using details like raw material availability and Lead time, machine availability and capacity.

Features & Highlights :

  • Process Master definition with inputs, outputs
  • Bill of Material for all products up to any number of levels
  • Planning based on customer wise production advice and sales forecast
  • Material requirement planning: MRP based on machine capacity and availability, machine efficiency, raw material availability, lead time.
  • Generation of production schedule for machines detailing inputs and outputs
  • Analysis of machine efficiency and utilization
  • Automatic generation of MRP and purchase requisitions on finalization of plan
  • Automatic generation of job orders for production

Finance & Accounts Module :
Chart of groups and chart of accounts are defined here. All vouchers related to journal entries, sales, purchase, receipt and payment are recorded. Finance a company can generate balance sheet, general ledger, trial balance, profit & loss statement and daybooks besides many other transactional reports is integrated with Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Costing, and Equipment Maintenance.

Features & Highlights :

  • Coded/Codeless versions
  • Multiple Cash/Bank/Journal/Petty Cash Books
  • Multiple Debit/Credit entries through same voucher
  • Single/Multiple Cost Center entries through same voucher
  • Bill-wise/on account adjustment of sundry debtors/creditors
  • Automatic TDS calculation facility at voucher entry level
  • Single/Multiple/Incremental/Transactional interest calculations
  • Simultaneous Cash-Contra entry automatically generated
  • TDS certificate and Annual Return Form for TDS
  • Group/Sub-group-wise Trial Balance for any period
  • Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss A/c
  • Manufacturing Account, Trading Account, Profit and Loss Account, Fixed Assets Schedule with depreciation calculations
  • Cost center-wise Manufacturing, Trading and Profit and Loss Account
  • Cash/Fund flow statements
  • Ageing analysis of sundry debtors/creditors
  • Ratio Analysis and Budgeted analysis
  • Monthly analysis of all account heads
  • Accounts Confirmation Letters in customized/normal format
  • Statistics/Audit trail/Mail merge/FAS editor for writing letters
  • Audit Report on Receipt/Payments/Sales/Purchases exceeding user defined limits
  • Graphical representation of any ledger account
  • Narration searching facility/Missing document searching

Payroll Module :
Payroll Accounting Software: Payroll Accounting Software helps you to prepare your salary and wage sheets in an efficient and timely manner with generation of all statutory reports for various departments. You can get the data auto-posted to the Financial Accounting software if you are using that module also. There are excellent MIS reports to help you control costs and get a good overview of the payout.
The Key features of the Software are listed here:

Payroll Reports
  • Pay Register, Pay Slip.
  • Monthly PF, Yearly PF
  • Monthly P Tax, Yearly P Tax
  • Monthly I Tax, Yearly I Tax
  • Monthly ESI, Yearly ESI
  • Bank Advice.
  • Leave Status, Bonus, PF Loans & Advance.
  • Form 16, Form 24.
  • Professional Tax Returns, ESI Returns.
  • PF Returns (Form 12A, Form 3A, Form 6A)
  • ESI Returns
  • F.P.F. Returns, EDLI Forms.
  • Gratuity Valuation
  • Leave Encashment Valuation
  • Salary Certificate, Salary Reconciliation.
  • Cumulative Pay Slip, Cumulative Pay Register.
  • Estimated Cost to the Company Computation, Actual Cost to the Company
  • Information Register
  • Other Payment Slip
  • Leave Encashment Register
  • Deduction Register
  • Monthly Journal for Salary
Graphical Representation

  • Monthly Sales Graphs
  • Location wise Salary Graphs
  • Category wise Salary Graphs
  • Department wise Salary Graphs
Transaction Entries

  • Attendance> Monthly, Fortnightly, Daily (With Time / Without Time)
  • Overtime Duration Entries
  • Other Payment Transactions
  • Increment / Promotion Entry
  • Loan & Advance Entries
Master Entries

  • Employee Location, Department, Category
  • Employee Master
  • CCA Slab Master
  • VDA Slab Master
  • PF Slab Master, P Tax Slab Master
  • Other Payments Master
  • Loans & Advances Master
  • Leave Allotment Master
  • Employee wise Perquisites Master
  • Allowances Calculation Rule Master
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